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Sweya is the leading provider of Software Services. We provide a comprehensive suite of services that helps organizations build, manage, and scale their software applications. Our services are designed to help organizations accelerate their software development process, improve their software quality, and reduce their software costs.

Blockchain in Sustainability

Blockchain in sustainability is a growing area of concern as the use of blockchain technology continues to expand.

Cloud Development

Cloud native development is a approach to building and running applications and services that are designed to fully utilize the benefits of cloud computing.

Scalable Application Development

Scalable application development refers to the design and development of software applications that are able to handle increasing amounts of work as the demand for the application grows. Kubernetes based systems are highly scalable.

IIoT Connectivity

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly expanding, and industrial settings are no exception. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) refers to the integration of IoT technology in industrial environments, such as factories and manufacturing plants.

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“Thank you for the Amazing work done. Working with the Sweya Team is always good.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you develop Mobile Application?

Yes, if it falls under the service segments we offer, we do. If not we can guide you to the right software partners we work with.

What are your Software Practices?

Our team has a wide spectrum of knowledge in leading edge software architecture and project management practices like Scrum and Agile built into the engineering pipelines. We usually consent the process with the clients needs not our internals.

Do you outsource any of the Process?

We do not outsource our requirements that we talk with our customers. IP and confidentiality is preserved art all times and follow strict ethical practices. If we need help of external agencies we seek the clients content before making a move.